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Welcome to Paul Roach Music! 

The music I'm making today is different from my rock n roll beginnings. Over the years, there has been so much great music, who could not help but be influenced by it! I have been fortunate to play rock, jazz, and classical music. I still enjoy listening to it all, plus all of the other contemporary musical dimensions inspire me as well. People ask me to describe my music so here goes:  An emotive sonic palate that soars and surges into multiple musical dimensions, obsessed with beats,  ethnic melodies and other worlds. The collision of these sounds, musical identities and seemingly unrelated sounds hang together to create a very listenable set of material. This aural perspective translates into music filled with a multiplicity of emotions reflecting the changing nature of society, the environment and culture. Bleak dystopian landscapes, dreamy optimistic emotions and solid beats work to keep it interesting and alive without taking itself too seriously.   How's that sound?? 

-- Paul 

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The Process


 Song ideas and experiments can begin anywhere these days with a phone or a tablet and apps. The days of being restricted to a physical instrument are gone. That’s not to say having your instrument of choice at hand isn’t nice to have but these days it’s not required to make music. Of course electronic music making is all about software. Today’s software is simply magic in a box. I use a combination of virtual and physical instruments.

Experimentation Not Inspiration


Today music is more about expermination than inspiration. Working in the digital realm gives you the ability to try new things and explore many variations of your musical ideas. 

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  • Texas-born Musician, Composer, Arranger, and Producer now living in Mexico. Deep Texas roots in Rock and R&B influenced by Classical, Jazz, and Electronic genres. Current works are a collection of World, Electronic, Ambient and New Age.



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